Meet The Team! - Kate

Meet The Team! - Kate

Meet Our CEO, Kate Sinfield!

Kate is our colourful, gin loving CEO.

Why she loves having a distillery?

“It’s fun. It’s a great community. Being in this up and coming industry is a great adventure.

She’s also a passionate advocate for the industry as a whole:

I was the inaugural President of the WA Distillers Guild in 2019 and love working with the other distillery owners in WA to create and promote our industry.”

She’s very fond of a Wrath martini garnished with a Jalapeño, and she doesn’t do tonic.


Sin Gin’s History and Purpose

“Sin Gin’s purpose is to create great gins for good times. Mark, my lovely husband, and I started Sin Gin 6 years ago at The Murray Hotel and now it is one of the leading gin brands in WA.

The Murray Hotel was sold recently after I’d owned it for over 15 years so it was a very emotional goodbye.

I love Sin Gin for many reasons: the gin is fabulous, it’s fun to share our gin with customers and friends, the gin doesn’t go off (like food in restaurants) when we were shut due to pandemics, we could make as much as was needed and we have a fabulous team of staff.”


Fun Facts About Kate

When she’s not working on the Sin Gin brand, Kate likes to spend time walking, sailing, reading, painting, chatting with friends and drinking martinis.

You might not know Kate has a foster cat called Mishka who has gone viral on TikTok!

“Mishka is 17 and we took her in 5 years ago when the old lady she lived with had to go into a home, previously she’d lived with other people in our street. She belongs to the street.

We feed her every night, put her to bed and then let her out in the morning to spend her day at Piccolo’s Corner, the local café.