Meet the Team! - Tom

Meet the Team! - Tom

Introducing, Thomas Campbell Ness!


Tom is our resident Freo Market Connoisseur and Sales extraordinaire.

He loves making connections and watching our company grow - with the intent of applying this learning to his own ventures in the future. He reckons our people and regulars are pretty awesome - that’s you, folks!


When he’s not slinging gin, Tom likes to relax with Charlie Brown, the 13 year old Cavoodle while watching the footy, and snacking on caramel covered cashews - with a gin of course!

His favourite Sin is Gluttony, but right now he’s into Sloth & Sonic - that’s Sloth with 80% soda & 20% tonic, garnished with lime and grapefruit. Delish!

Make sure you say hi next time you see Tom around!