Flynn Gillie

Flynn Gillie

Meet our Distillery Production Assistant

Flynn Gillie

Flynn’s career in the hospitality industry has spanned 10 years in various roles and has been involved in distilling for 6 months. His speciality is bartending and his favourite Sin Gin is Wrath, with tonic water or as a Gimlet. Flynn delights in providing an enjoyable experience for guests, chatting and serving delicious drinks and putting smiles on their faces. He loves working with the team at Sin Gin and the amazing gin produced here.

Favourites: beef jerky, The Iron Giant, Band of Brothers (miniseries), Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, olive green (colour), Autumn-Winter. Idols: Theodore Roosevelt, Nimsdai Purja, Luke Richmond.

As an avid adventurer who loves to unwind by cycling along the coast at sunset to get a pint with a mate, Flynn has just returned from a cycling holiday. In his own words, here are the tales of his travels -

“I got back from Asia about a month ago, where I cycled from Ho Chi Mihn, Vietnam to Phuket, Thailand. The trip took me 9 weeks (including rest days and island days), approximately 1,700km, 2 full bike services, and many stories to share.

I met heaps of amazing people, had experiences I never thought possible, ate some amazing food, held a landmine detection rat and nearly died a few times (sorry mum!).

I have a tendency to embark on adventures with not enough preperation (Have hiked the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal twice, didn't train at all before either), but also have a tendency to know exactly who/what/when/where/why. I deliberately went into this cycling adventure without knowing a single thing other than what I’m doing for the first 2 days, which put me extremely out of my comfort zone, but changed me as a person.

The biggest take away I had, was a quote from a book/movie called Into The Wild, because I used to see myself as an introvert not needing human connection, but the periods of solitude while cycling reminded me of; Happiness only real when shared - Christopher McCandles (aka Alexander Supertramp).”

Flynn's devoted hounds - Bella (mixed breed) who loves snuggles and Tara (boxer) who is always hyperactive.