Meet the Team Behind The Gin

A Dedicated team of Sinners!

Sin Gin was started in 2016 when Kate Sinfield and Mark Harris decided that there was nothing more to life than Gin!

"Since then, we've been through heaven and hell to create a Gin that even Satan couldn't resist the temptation of. And we picked up a few new friends along the way."

Drop in and say G'day; visit us at Swan Settlers Market or the Freo Markets. We're open every weekend.

Our Purpose: To Help People Enjoy Good Times With Great Gin

Our Core Values:

Integrity:We’re honest. We always do what we commit to.

Ambitious:We are passionate to succeed. We do the best that we can at any task.

Team:We always support each other. We’ve always got each other’s backs.

Communication:We always clearly communicate. We always respect the listener.

Adaptability:We always follow the procedure. We encourage each other to think outside the box and adapt to changing circumstances.

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Powered by Gin and enthusiasm for life...

Kate Sinfield

Head Distiller

Gin runs through his blood

Mark Harris

Distiller & Salesperson

Happiness is a job that follows your heart

Matt Leach

General Manager

Amazing ability to have fun!

Tess Crake

Brand Ambassador

The best job in the world!

Rosie Zollinger

Brand & Sales Rep

Teaches in the week and sells gin on weekends!


Distiller & Salesperson

Loves his dog even more than Sin Gin

Spencer Loxton

Brand & Sales Rep

Amazing ability to talk anyone into loving our gin

Tom Ness

Brand Ambassador

Mum, Nurse & gin lover

Eleri Wyn Marlow

Brand & Sales Rep

Best cocktail barman in town!

Jamieson Riggs

Brand & Sales Rep

The psychology of sales....

Faith Reid

Distillery Junior

Too young to drink the gin.....

Olivia Harris

Distiller & Brand Ambassador

A great addition to our team


Nik Gassner


Fabulous cook


Fon Street

Brand & Sales Rep

WAAPA Musician & lover of Sloe Gin


Baden Ralls