Hope you’re thirsty, because we’ve got some BIG news for you.

Our Gin of the Month for July is Fury! If you like Wrath, you’re going to LOVE this one.


The inspiration behind Furyis drawn from 2 different areas. Our Deadly Sin, Wrath (the red one), has always been a favourite for distiller Matt - with its peppery notes and the prickly/tingling sensation through the mouth, a characteristic of the stinging nettles.

Matt wanted to kick this sensation up a notch or two in his new creation.

The second inspiration were botanicals from somewhere beyond our shores, the land of the rising sun.

Sansho is a peppercorn native to Japan, giving a bright and dry lemon-pepper flavour. After the big juniper hit the Sansho “bite” can be felt in the mouth on the finish, giving a pleasantly tingling sensation, which compliments the feeling of boiling fury.

Amongst some classic Wrath botanicals we have added:

Native Mountain Pepper Berries

Similar in size and appearance to the Black peppercorn, but with a rough texture and deep purple hue.

Origin – Tasmania

Form – Whole dried Pepper Berry

Flavour – General citrus-pepper

Bitter Orange

Origin – South East Asia

Form – Dried peel

Flavour – A bitter citrus flavour with a slight sourness

Cubeb Pepper

About the same size as black peppercorns but they have a little spike or tail, hence their other name ‘tailed pepper”.

Origin – Indonesia

Form – Whole peppercorn roughly crushed/broken

Flavour – Juniper like taste, with a spicy heat and a lavender/clove aroma.


Dried outer casing of the Prickly Ash berry.

Origin – Japan

Form – Green peppercorn

Flavour – The flavour profile is very different. Still tingling and numbing, but more lemon-like and bright in the aroma with floral top notes.


Furyis best consumed neat or with chilled soda water and a kaffir lime leaf garnish - make sure to rub the leaf between your fingers to release the flavour.

Pick up your bottle of Fury here!