Sin Gin Distillery

Lemon Gincello

Introducing Lemon Gincello, the second in our gin liqueur micro batch range.
Our Lemon Gincello is made from Sin Gin Sloth and local lemons. You can taste the lemon myrtle from the gin and the fresh lemon taste from the lemon rind. It's totally delicious.
The colder the lemon gincello the better the taste so keep it in the fridge or pour over ice.
The traditional way to drink lemon gincello is straight in a small tulip glass. Or try a Lemon Gincello Spritz: 30ml lemon gincello topped up with about 150ml of prosecco. Or a Lemon Gincello Martini: 30ml lemon gincello, 45ml Sin Gin Sloth and 15ml lemon juice, shaken over ice and served in a martini glass.

$65 for 500ml, postage $15 or free delivery for orders over $160.

Buy 3 of any variety of bottles to receive a $10 discount.