Sin Gin Distillery

Sloe Gin

Sin Gin Sloe Gin is made with wild Tasmanian Sloe Berries soaked in Gold Medal Award Winning Sin Gin Greed. It is delicious!

Kate has been making this recipe for years in England. She used to pick the wild sloe berries from the hawthorn bushes that grow around the fields in certain parts of England. Instead of pricking each sloe berry to release it's goodness Kate freezes the sloe berries to crack the skins. Putting the sloe berries with sugar with gin in bottles and leaving them under the stairs at her parent's house with strict instructions for them to be turned once a week. The steeping process takes about 3 months. 

Our sloe berries are hand picked by Erik from the hawthorn bushes growing in the wild in Tasmania, frozen and then sent to us in Western Australia as we don't have the climate here to grow them and they were taken to Tasmania by early settlers from England. We then repeated the recipe Kate has been using for years in England on a grand scale and have made the most perfect Sloe Gin.

Drink straight, perhaps with an ice cube or create a Sloe Royale using one nip of sloe gin topped up with Prosecco, totally delicious.

500ml: $65 and $10 postage or with free postage on orders over $100.